Bild vom Büro in Regensburg
Office extention in Regensburg.

Moving FAST is our daily business. Today we extend our Regensburg office with new working desks. We are looking forward to extend our team in Regensburg in the next weeks.

Umzug in Ingolstadt
New office at the headquarter.

At the end of last week we moved into our new office at our headquarter in Ingolstadt.
We are looking forward to work in our new facilities!

Screenshot Website sdp englisch
New website is online.

Our new website is finally online! We are very happy with the result and hope you like it as much as we do.

Bild von CES Plakat
sdp @ CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

We started 2019 with a real highlight.
During our visit at the CES in Las Vegas we utilized the opportunity to establish new contacts and talked with our customers about new innovations.

Depiction: Car in Silicon Valley
sdp goes to Silicon Valley.

Last week we went to the home of Apple, Facebook, AirBnB and so on. Our management team has been working with key players in the valley for years. Last week we presented sdp to potential new clients in San Francisco. The highlight for our system. team was the on-site implementation at the manufacturing plant of a new EV Start Up.

Depiction: Printed Circuit Board
Relaunch sdp fact. sample production.

Today the truck arrived and brought us the equipment we have been expecting for weeks. Our staff were keen to open the boxes, install the equipment and run the first test. This in-house sample production equipment is the next step in giving our customer an added value. From next week our customer can pick up their samples in 36 hours.

Depiction: E-Bus in the oldtown of Regensburg
sdp becomes a member of the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg.

The next step in extending our activities in Regensburg is our membership of the E-Mobility Cluster. The members of this network are cooperating on the development of future future mobility solutions for electric cars. One of the first projects was the launch of “EMIL” an electric city bus. We can´t wait to implement future mobility solutions with this network and we are looking forward to the upcoming discussions.

Depiction: sdp Logo
sdp is now a registered trademark.

In addition to having a unique service portfolio Andi & Jan want to build a strong brand. We are really proud to report that the trademark office has now officially registered sdp as a trademark.

Depiction: sdp office building in Regensburg
sdp is expanding to Regensburg.

sdp is opening its first branch office in Regensburg, on the modern TechBase Campus. The TechBase is the perfect match for us, allowing us to boost our collaboration with local clients and encouraging the networking with the university and other innovative Start-Up companies.

Depiction: Screenshot of the EDV-BV Frühlingsmesse website
Jan presents our innovative work environment to IT experts.

Together with our IT-Expert EDV-BV, we have implemented an innovative IT infrastructure which fosters creative collaboration in our teams. The customized project interfaces provide our clients a unique project experiences. Jan will present the story of the implementation of the sdp IT Infrastructure during a presentation at the EDV-BV Experts Fair.